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PAGE TWO: It's okay, you guys can request again!


Or, free-for-all-fic, or fic free-for-all, or fic-for-all, whatever phrasing floats your boat.


Filled | Unfilled (BOTH posts updated to about half of page three, updated Sept 21, 11-something pm, GMT -5)
Apparently, by 'every Saturday', I meant 'every Sunday'. I'll see how much I can finish before I go to bed

Arg, so clearly by 'tonight', I meant 'tomorrow'. Maybe I need to look into some co-mods.

ANYWAY! We have hit page two! Hurrah! Now catching up will be even harder!

So, yeah, a few announcements:

1: I shall make a post for the purpose of archiving filled and unfilled requests. I really mean it this time, guys.

2: Um, should I perhaps make a discussion post? Since life seems to go weird without warning, to make things, Idunno, easier, I could maybe set a post aside for questions and complaints. Would that roll with some of you guys? (I ask, unwittingly setting up a discussion post anyway)

And with that out of the way...


Generally stolen from what the PW kink-meme has become, the idea here is that you anonymously post and fill prompts out, except there are little restrictions on subject matter.

Yes, from the kinkiest kinks that ever were kinked, to the fluffiest fluff that ever did fluff, to in-depth character introspection to the crack AUs, anything goes, as long as someone is willing to request and-or write it!


Uh, despite the introduction, there are a few catches and stuff...

- I’m not going to be as strict about this as others might, but, uhm, as an anonymous meme, you should probably post anonymously. I mean, if you’re really comfortable with people knowing that you’re the one who requested and/or wrote the kinky tentacle-porn, gender-bending mpreg fic, that’s your choice, but, um, it’d probably be easier if we stuck to the whole –no-identity thing. It’s also kinda fun that way, I guess.

- FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING SHINY! Don’t bash other people’s stuff! No flaming and stuff! This is a happy place! Also, ‘it’s all fiction, none of it is real’, just in case we get one of those types that are overly-sensitive about this sort of thing. In short: Don’t be an asshole, please.

Note: constructive criticism and the like is okay, if the author asks for it.

- If your request has a spoiler in it, it would probably be a good idea to let people know. Courtesy and all that.

- Please, try to at least fill the same number of fics as you request! Please! Things will probably run smoother that way.

Other Things to Make Note of:

- Requests can be filled out more than once

- Despite what the title implies, art is fine too.

- Try to keep things down to one request per comment. It’s kind of easier to fill that way. Variations on what you want from your prompt can stay in the same comment. (ie, 'I want either pairing A or B on an island', vs. 'I want pairing A on an island, or an AU with pairing B in space'. If that didn't make any sense or was offensively ... simple/obvious, I blame being tired and will go and nap instead of taking responsibility for my ... thing... I did.)

- Remember: This is just a fic meme. If you get offended by the pairing someone just posted, or if you really want to tear into somebody’s fic, repeat this to yourself. Would it be worth it? ... I totally just tempted fate there by posting this, didn’t I?
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